Sunday, December 23, 2012

{$TAR HAMILTON: Fashion Illustrations}

Recently while spending more time at home, due to cold weather and an awesome boyfriend, moving computer printer and scanner to the house has been a giant catalyst for doing new work outside of the studio.

India ink has great appeal on its own: it dries dark, it's easy to photocopy and reproduce for zines and screen prints, it can be used on a light table and painted on typing paper (the perfect size for scanning), it doesnt require heavy toxins or much space to use and store. But, combined with photoshop as a tool, the possibilities are limitless because black and white is no longer a limitation. It's almost hard to believe that this isn't a preliminary phase for all great paintings, as watercolor once was not even considered a genre but to test draw for larger oil works, but for people who require instant gratification, do not have patience or much storage space, this is the best alternative.

Water colorist and fashion diva, a collection of both landscape paintings and fashion model figurative works arose from the depths and organized themselves on my computer. From the combinations of these figurative and landscape works experimentally, and the fashion stage name gifted by life enthusiast Theresa Columbus, the new blog $TAR HAMILTON was birthed. It is being updated with one or two new images each week. Follow on tumblr! This blog PENNY $PENCER remains the Vanessa Devaki Andrew blog (aka MADAM CHINO for all Image works, so it is included here a sample of these works and a link to that blog!

Fake Indians
fake indians

Industry Lady


Industry Luxury


New heart Girl

X, Penny $pencer

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