Thursday, January 3, 2013

{PETITE POSITIVE POSTERS} Penny Spencer Mini-Zine Pre-Release

Positive Posters by Penny Spencer is a series of brainstorms for posters created while working with a group of kids at Agape Community Center. We each published our own positive posters, but this was my set created for group projects with students to join in on when their attendance wasn't perfect; doing both t-shirt screenprinting and poster-making.

Giant file cabinets are time capsules both purposefully and accidentally.
positive poster 1
Organizing the proper system to match a process is an architecture in itself, yet again, a note slipped into the wrong file or simply a folder becoming a now-defunct process can temporarily or permanently sever an item from relevancy for pure dislocation.
postive posters 2
Once in a while, we go back in to clear out, add to, and reconfigure, finding new life for old items or maybe placing the item with its original purpose after all.
positive poster 3
So Penny alas, is currently formatting this small set of copywritten images into mini-zine format! This is ya pre-release preview!

Penny $pencer INK!