Wednesday, December 22, 2010

{GARLAND} portraits

I've been writing under the blog: as a clothing artist and gallery showroom owner.  But i also have the guise "Penny Spencer" as a writer and self publisher.  In a push to solidify my contents, I am starting this week a new blog as a place to put my illustration work and book publishing content. 

Recently I was inspired to create a new set of work: Portraits.  Who is worthy of having their portrait done?  All, for one or another reason.  But i realized that endangered species are the most worthy.  I have commenced! 

My practice one came about using a friends face:


You can view them as they come!  I am posting them to my flickr

Monday, October 25, 2010


Hittin the books this month!

Alphabet Eyes: a zine of alphabet sonances
MYtinerary: 3rd Ed!
Charactionary: an interactive character activity book!


Friday, July 9, 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

{SPOONFLOWER} artists printed fabrics!

This is love. Under some recent super sleuthing i refound this amazing website called SPOONFLOWER where artists can get their color images printed into real life fabrics! The fabrics range in price from $18 to $36 and in type from woven to knits.

Thinking of redoing your curtains? Wanna get a custom costume? perhaps you are an artist working to create eco-friendly made in the USA garments that are 100 percent original! This is something special. And when most fabric stores prices average out at around $14.00 a yard, this price is nice at true cost.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

You {WOOD} too!

this via renaissance books in the mitchell international airport:

and some pansies!

and a mustache man!

madam chino

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

{HOW TO} Wallpaper

Although my personal blogwall paper is not tessellating because i'm lazaaay, good old m.c. escher knew first what the masterminds will find out soon. When i was a kiddo, i would stare at the wallpaper in my bedroom as i would fall asleep. The overall pattern would emerge but finding where it started and finished was impossible. That game, that game.

Start with an image.

if you like, create a pattern using the image as a stamp. The final image should not touch the edges in any way.

Divide the image in quadrants, and switch them kitty corner: lower left and upper right, lower right and upper left. Then the space around the corners is now in the center! Fill that in with more shapes.

Sooo Simple! Now you can repeat this image forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and....

of course the other way is to take an image and kalideoscope works best here with an image that does touch the edges, like how you spliced the first one, so that they can merge to create a new shape!

But the trick is, for the first block, each new quadrant you must either flip one horizontally, one vertically and one both horizontally and vertically.

Then the new block will touch forever and ever and ever and ever....

For more inspiration check out Julia Rothman's Flickr!
madam chino

Saturday, February 27, 2010

{POSTULATING} for posterity

Billpaying commonfolk who know whats up, send letters to family and friends to lighten the mood of that two hour sitdown at the desk where we balance books. Postcards in particular make ease of hucking a hutch of bills and parking tickets into the mouth of that hungry blue box, because the friendly and unenveloped images stare back at us, waving toodle-doo as a reminder of how and who we love.

PENNY $PENCER postcards are available at Madam Chino's LOOK NOOK and also soon on ETSY in 4-packs or Mix-in-Match-Packs.

madam chino

Saturday, February 20, 2010

{CARD-iology} take it to heart

I always include a cute little hand-drawn thank you note when i pay my rent, because although slightly begrudgingly relinquished is my sweaty, bloody cash; i know that not that many people probably show appreciation to those who sometimes feel like they are sucking your future into their abyssal pockets, but at the same time house your livelyhood.

Ever had a breakup, and feel like your world has been turned inside-out? If ever literally "down in the dumps" (because i got dumped) depressed, i feel like my skin isn't working. It isn't hiding anything about the way i look on the inside. And it probably isn't. This card is an expression of that momentary change when someone in your life who makes all the difference, isn't there.

Brought to you by PENNY $PENCER available now at Madam Chino's LOOK NOOK!

xoxo, madam chino

Thursday, February 11, 2010

{Let's PATCH things up}

i'm really sorry. i didn't mean to be mean if you know what i mean. and even if there isn't a gaping hole in your heart, or sleeve, or pocket, or knee, or hutch; sometimes its just a good idea to put something over it preventatively.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{TAG!} you're IT!

ALAS, i've begun the fun adventure of doing a thorough inventory of the LOOK NOOK. I've never been so excited to do INVENTORY. However, organization IS one of my favorite things in fact. (you probably wouldn't guess that by looking at my hair)

These are the tags, hand cut, hole punched and corner rounded...which is totally worth it!

For inventory, i'm using the number and letter process. Each 100 is a category, such as SUMMER LADIES, and each collection is a LETTER, so T-dresses are 100A and each dress is 101A, 102A, 103A; Reconstructed dresses are 100B and each dress is 101B, 102B, 103B, etc etc.

Its nice to have a full Excel file for all your own stuff, friends.